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Freka® GastroTube

Product Features


  • Silicone tube with balloon retention for use in established stoma tracts.
  • NPSA compliant.

Tube design

  • Material: Silicone, latex free.
  • Tube size: CH15.
  • Shaft length: 13cm.
  • Radio-opaque strip and silver ring.
  • Retention balloon with 7.5ml fluid capacity.
  • Rounded distal opening.
  • Funnel adaptor with sealing tab.

Product code

  • 7755621

Pack contents

  • Freka GastroTube CH15.
  • Introducer device.
  • Tube clamp.
  • Step connector.
  • 10ml syringe.


  • Long term endoscopic procedires are contraindicated.
  • Long term intra-gastric feeding.
  • Gastric decompression.
  • Keeping stoma open.
  • PEG needs replacing.


  • Stoma not completely formed or healed.

Tube care

  1. The GastroTube must be flushed through with 30ml of water before and after every administration of feed or drugs – at least once a day.
    N.B. Do not use fluids containing acid, particularly fruit teas or fruit juices as these can cause the feed to coagulate. 
  2. In the event of a blockage extract residues using a Luer-syringe. Then repeatedly inject and extract water to remove the blockage gradually. 
  3. If it is not possible to remove the blockage by these measures, the GastroTube should be replaced.
    N.B. The tube must never be unblocked using extreme pressure or a guide introducer as this can perforate the tube and injure the patient or cause peritonitis.

Administration of medication

  • Administer medicines in liquid form where possible via the transfer set.
  • Flush the GastroTube before and after every drug administration.