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DISCONTINUED Freka® Paediatric Nasogastric Feeding Tube - NON-ENFit® - An ENFit® version of this product is available

Product Features


  • Radio-opaque, tissue compatible polyurethane medium to long-term naso-gastric feeding tube.
  • NPSA compliant.

Tube design

  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Tube size: Ch/Fr:6.5 
  • Length: 50cm
  • Internal diameter: 1.5mm
  • External diameter: 2.2mm
  • White radio-opaque strip
  • Interval markings every 10cm
  • Open ended with 2 outlets ports
  • Male luer lock end


For short to medium term feed administration.


  • Nasal fracture.
  • Base of skull fracture. 
  • Nasal polyps/tumours. 
  • Oesophageal obstruction. 
  • Congenital abnormalities of the nose. 
  • Severe nasal or pharyngeal injury.

Tube care

  1. Regularly flush the tube with 20ml water using a 50ml syringe:
    • after each feed container is finished
    • at beginning and end of each feeding session.
  2. Flushing can be done: 
    • through the T-piece of the giving set or 
    • directly through the end of the tube.
      Note: The T-piece may be used to administer medicines. The tube must be flushed afterwards. 
  3. Between feeds, plug the tube to maintain a column of water in it. This will help prevent tube blockage.

Administration of medication

Only liquid medicines should be given via the tube and it should be flushed with water before and after each administration. Consult a pharmacist if there is doubt about medicines for administration.

Important notes

These instructions are intended as a guide only and do not replace local hospital/community policy.