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Applix® Feeding Pump

Product Features


  • Enteral feeding pump for both stationary and ambulatory use.
  • Preparing the giving set (follow steps 1-3 for the relative feed container, then go to step 4)
    • EasyBag (Spike):
      1. Close the G clamp on the giving set.
      2. Twist the cap off the EasyBag.
      3. Tightly screw on the spiked giving set and hang the EasyBag on the drip stand. (Squeeze and release chamber until 1/3 full.)

    • Bag reservoirs:
      1. Open the bag and close the G clamp on the giving set.
      2. Shake the feed bottle(s) and open. Pour feed into the bag and squeeze out air.
      3. Close and secure the cap. Hang onto the drip stand.

Inserting the giving sets

  • Unlock and open the door using the lever.
  • Insert tube G clamp in line with the downward arrow.
  • Fix the giving set in the lower tube guide with some tension.
  • Close the pump door firmly shut.
  • The pump is now ready for operation.

Operating the pump (continious feeding)

1. Turn on the pump (the pump will perform its own self
2. Prime the giving set, keeping key depressed. 
3. Set delivery rate using up/down arrows. 
4. Press start/stop.


Continuous feeding with target volume:

5. Repeat steps 1-3.
6. Select target volume (press both keys simultaneously), if
7. Set target volume using up/down arrows.
8. Press start/stop.

Additional Features

  • Information display.
  • Key pad lockout.
  • Choice of alarm volumes.
  • Reset.


For trouble shooting advice please contact the Fresenius Kabi 24 hour helpdesk on Freephone: 0808 100 1990